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Streaker Boats has recorded unprecedented high-ranking scores in the annual Quintrex Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) survey. The Melbourne based Quintrex boat retailer has returned a CSI rating of 91%, the highest of any Quintrex dealer anywhere in Australia.

To put the ranking into perspective, the average CSI score amongst Quintrex dealers is 73%. In addition to their top ranking, Streaker boats had the highest customer response rate of surveys, at 40%. The average is 20%. It’s this combination of high CSI and high response that sets Streaker Boats ahead.


“The market is telling us in no uncertain terms that Streaker Boats is a great company to buy a Quintrex boat from,” said Cameron Wood of Quintrex.


“The response rate is double the average and the CSI score of 91% is unheard off. These are really happy customers who are pleased to tell others about their great purchasing experience at Streaker.” Following the purchase and warranty registration of a Quintrex aluminium boat, customers receive a CSI survey to complete and return to Quintrex. The key question on the survey which leads to the CSI score is the likelihood of the Quintrex owner to recommend the selling dealer to their friends.


“We didn’t get a single Streaker customer who would not recommend Streaker to their friends. It’s unheard of at Quintrex to have such a strong CSI score. In the case of Streaker, their annual ranking has always been very, very high.”

Streaker Boats is a family owned and operated marine retailing business, headed up by brothers Leon and Paul Savage. Also taking an active role in the business on a day to day basis are their wives and adult children.


“The way that the Savage family run their business is excellent,” Cameron Wood said. “Their strength is that they listen to their customers and sell the Quintrex boat best suited to the customer’s needs.”


“One thing that we don’t get at the factory is complaints from Quintrex customers about Streaker. This is an excellent operation and a credit to everyone involved working at the Melbourne dealership.”


Streaker Boats was appointed a Quintrex dealer in 2005. In 2010 Streaker took out the Quintrex Australian Dealer of the Year award.

According to dealership principal, Leon Savage, the nation high CSI ranking from Quintrex is just recognition for the high values of trading practiced by Streaker Boats.

“There’s not a lot of magic involved with our formula for customer success,” said Leon Savage.


“We treat people exactly the same way as we would like to be treated when we purchase a car or a boat. Our approach is to treat customers with respect, understand their needs and boating aspirations and then deliver on what we promise.”

“It is a credit to everyone who works at Streaker Boats that our CSI ranking is 91%. That is absolute proof that our approach is not only working, but appreciated by our customers.”


Streaker Boats is a leading Melbourne marine retailer, being authorised dealers for Quintrex, Streaker Boats and Yamaha outboards.


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